A slight issue with my sexuality – London escorts

I have always had a slight issue with my sexuality, and never been sure about it. My sister who works for London escorts £99p/h, quality cheap London escorts agency is much more sure of hers, and says that she is bisexual. The problem is that I have never been comfortable putting a label, on myself but now I realize that I am at least bisexual, maybe even lesbian. My sister and her friends at London escorts say that I should not worry so much about it, but I do. As a matter of fact, I am really sure that I am in love with a woman colleague.
The lady I am in love with at work has probably not realized yet, but I am sure what I am feeling for her. She doesn’t seem to have a partner, and sometimes touches me in a certain way. My sister’s friends says that touching you in certain way may indicate that she has feelings for me as well. The girls from London escorts say that this is often a way of a lesbian lady expressing her feelings towards someone. To be honest, she has actually suggested that we go out for dinner, and maybe I should take her up on the offer.
She is a really nice lady, so I do not want to upset her. I think that it would be nice to get to know her a bit better, but I don’t want to do the wrong thing. After having spoken to my friends at London escorts, I feel a bit more positive about the situation, and less worried. I sat down with my sister and her London escorts friends last Saturday, and we talked it over. It is still hard to tell if this lady is lesbian or not, but time will tell if my hunch is right.
If I am right. my friends at the best London escorts agency have told me to tell her that I have never had a lesbian counter before, and I am a bit worried. The girls suggested that I talk everything through with her and I think that might be a good way forward. Quite frankly, I feel really anxious about her and my feelings. However, if I do need advice, I have a couple of bisexual London escorts to fall back on. That is almost comforting somehow and I know that I can talk to them very openly. Learning how to recognize and appreciate your own sexuality can indeed be very difficult.
I am totally okay about being lesbian, and it does not really worry me. The only thing that I am concerned about is being bisexual. To me, it would be a very difficult thing to cope with. What happens? Do you fancy a man one minute and a woman the next? I am that kind of person who needs stability in my life, and this is why I am so worried about bisexuality. At least if you are lesbian or straight, you have more chance of having a better love life and that is my main priority.

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